Gangsta Tattoo Meaning

Published: 07th February 2011
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Gangsta tattoos are reflection of the cool street style that is so coveted by many people. If you are looking to increase your cool factor, there are 3 types of gangsta tattoos you can consider.

Skull Tattoos
Skull tattoos are perhaps the most common and popular among the gangsta tattoos. The design represents a tough and hardcore style for the wearer. They come in many different sizes and are really versatile. You can have the tattoo as a stand alone or you can combine them to form a mural style. You can even combine them with other tattoo designs and patterns.

Tribal Tattoos
Tribal tattoos have become increasing popular in recent years. They have evolved from the traditional styles to the more modern street styles. Adding tribal tattoos, either in the traditional or modern styles, can greatly enhance your current tattoos to make them more "gangsta tattoos" in look.

Letter Tattoos
Gangsta tattoos in the form of letter tattoos can range from simple letterings to the more elaborate lettering styles. Famous quotations, sayings, names and poems etc are usually used to enhance the "gangsta" look. They come in so many sizes and variations that it can be difficult to decide on one. But generally, larger letterings can be found on the chest, back and abdominal. While smaller letterings can be found on the fingers and toes etc.

Generally there are four types of the gangsta tattoo motives such as : tribal,weapon,skull and letter.Tribal tattoo are the gangsta tattoo type that's have tribe object ornament,weapon tattoo are the type that's have gun and other weapon object ornament,skull are portrayed by harsh appearance of skull that's have the special meaning of tough and harshness this type are the majority used by many gangster to identify their membership,other type are letter it is the type of tattoo that's shown the sign by letters related to crime and gangster things.It's very good if you can combined all other of four different gangsta tattoo type in one banner and draw it with match fonts and colour.

It's will look perfect if you add some name in your tattoo design.You can named it with your name,your girlfriend/boy,your gang or your community,etc.You can add the motive with additional things like your gang symbol,your gang weapon and gun like sword as the crisscross motive.Gangster are living with some kind of weapons such as : gun,knive,machine gun,sword,throwing star,rifle,etc.These elements show their live background.

Other importance sign is the snake.It's reptile animal depicted the rude lifestyle of street gangster.Snake motive have many style that's can be worn on many part of the body such as arms and chest.The snake motive are very flexible due to it's slender shape.Other tattoo signs are lion and dragon are also precised that's depicted the courage and fearless of gang member.Combined it with other motives and type elements of the gangsta tattoos to make it more seductive.Like the skull tattoo the grim reaper tattoo are the symbol of death and frighten side of the user.

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